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Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has the potential to reduce the number of uninsured by one-half to two-thirds. But not everyone will be covered. In fact, California might still have 3-4 million remaining uninsured for various reasons, such as income level or immigration status, or even those who forget to sign up and fall through the cracks.

This is why California needs a safety-net that survives and thrives.

Yet Governor Jerry Brown is insisting on cutting existing dollars that currently support the county health care safety net, crucial funds that support public hospitals, clinics, and county low-income health programs. Governor Brown’s plan is concerning— out of the $1.4 billion in existing state funds that go towards counties, he seeks to take away $300 million in the first six months, and up to $1.3 billion by the third year.

Gov. Brown’s formula will prevent many counties from covering *all* the remaining uninsured.

We firmly believe all Californians should have access to basic primary and preventative care up front, which is more efficient and effective than relying on emergency rooms. It’s in our best interest to help maintain healthy and thriving communities when everybody has basic health access.

But we’re racing against the clock— the fate of the remaining uninsured and California’s safety net will be decided in the next few days, as the Legislature approaches their budget deadline on June 15th.

We need your voice. Help us prevent Governor Brown from taking away dollars from counties, and let him know how important it is to maintain basic safety-net care for the remaining uninsured.


Please contact your local legislator and let them know you care about the safety net and you’d like the Governor to protect it! Find your legislator and their phone number here!