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Specialty Care Access


Access to specialty care services remains a serious obstacle to the health and wellness of uninsured community clinic patients in Contra Costa County and Solano County.

Building Better Access

Community Clinic Consortium is building better access to diagnostic specialty care services for uninsured patients.

In partnership with local charity care programs, we are working together to create solutions for our communities – access to diagnostic screening, specialty care outpatient
surgery and follow-up care.

The Specialty Care Access Project is a three-year project, which is generously funded through a grant from Kaiser Permanente. The mission is to build and institutionalize unique relationships between community clinics, private physicians, and hospitals, to increase access to specialty care services for uninsured patients in Contra Costa County. The three targeted specialty areas for this project are Gastrointestinal, Breast Care and Gynecology.

Program Goals Include

  • Effectively coordinating charity care for uninsured patients in Contra Costa
  • Increasing access to specialty medical services for uninsured patients
  • Positively impacting the health status of uninsured patients
  • Tracking and evaluating the amount and types of care donated by physicians, hospitals and partners
  • Promoting coordinated and effective volunteerism in the health community
To download our Specialty Care Access Brochure – please click here: Specialty Care Access Brochure DOWNLOAD